Some important questions and observations at the roundtable

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 2:22 am    Post subject: Some important questions and observations at the roundtable Reply with quote

* I would be interested to hear about what you believe has been successful or a failure in Afghanistan and any innovative approaches in such a cultural context that you can recommend.

* A general concern in the provinces and in rural areas is that many of the capacity-building and income-generation projects established are not sustainable. That is, there is a great need for localised initiatives that provide for sustainable changes in women's lives (i.e., that have effects beyond the end of the project cycle). There are many well-meaning initiatives, but few of these seem sustainable.

* Currently we work on women’s enterprise development (happy to expand on this point) and Self Help Groups.

* Literacy, numeracy, basic records keeping and marketing have also to be a component of the work we do with women… also currently working on practical business trainings for women.

* Our emphasis has always been on the male adults and i think we are overlooking the potential for women, even in their own houses, to set up a business and earn an income.

* Another problem we have faced is that micro-finance organisations do not help the most vulnerable or poorest families. to access micro-credit/finance the organisations have criteria such as owning your own home, having lived in that house for X or Y years etc. I understand that this is a form of security to ensure the lain is paid back. However, very few of the poorest families we work with own their own home or have lived in one area for the requisite amount of time...they keep moving to find the cheapest house rent. Since most micro-finance organisations say that they work with the women in the family, even if the women are applying for loans for the men in the family, what i would like to know is how the women from these extremely poor families can access micro-credit/finance to try and get out of the poverty trap?
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Eva Benita A. Tuzon

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2006 4:34 pm    Post subject: MICRO-CREDIT Reply with quote

It has been argued that credit is a tool for development but it is not an absolute panacea to poverty. However, success stories regarding micro-credit are numerous enough to have them upscaled.

I view that micro-credit as an intervention requires certain conditions. The groups of individuals who shared common needs have to take decisive move to combine their thinking as to how they should cope. One important stage is, buidling the organization [be it informal or informal] to systematize actions; build trust, take collective responsibility of putting up an important resource, i.e, funds/capital -- to shorten, the way a cooperative system is being established considering the principles behind.

Organizational maintenance is what would sustain the mission and what would bring organization attain the level of maturity thus the goals are achieved. Micro-finace has to lead them to greater responsibilites or higher aims, to mention a few: initiate productive work, engage into a venture that would propel growth [income, cultural values, political awareness, social responsibilities, etc.

Micro-finance initiative has to be linked up with other institutions and agencies to spur development so it would not remain a lending-short-lived affair but a momentum by which trust could become an asset itself to become big, to specifically cite, the famous Grameen Bank.

No single indicator or result area could withstand the test of time but it has to go with other key result areas that are determined by the people themselves.

Vic, I hope that you will be able to come up with a generalized views/findings in this Cafe and looking forward to share them with CIRDAP member-countries for knowldege generation and sharing.

Congratulations to this initiative! May this forum be the bridge for Afghan women to widen that goodwill and friendship across the globe.
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